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What is HDMI high-definition optical transceiver?

In multimedia application systems, it is often necessary to transmit HDMI digital audio and video signals over long distances. However, when using ordinary HDMI cables for long-distance transmission, the output signal is always poor and will only be interfered. The displayed image will appear blurry, trailing and color separation, and the transmission distance is short, which cannot meet the requirements of long-distance transmission in occasions such as multimedia information release.

In this regard, the use of HDMI high-definition optical transceivers to transmit HDMI signals can completely solve such problems, light weight and other advantages, so it has incomparable advantages in long-distance transmission and special environments.

In addition, the HDMI high-definition optical transceiver adopts the HDMI interface. Only one HDMI cable is needed to connect the high-definition TV, and you can enjoy the 1080P clear and delicate picture, as well as the sampling rate up to 192K, 8-channel high-fidelity cinema audio, and use HDMI equipment in the multimedia system. It not only saves the construction cost and the complexity of wiring, but also ensures high-quality guidance and meets the long-distance transmission requirements of multimedia information release and other occasions.

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