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Industrial Ethernet Switches Market

Industrial Ethernet, in general, is technically compatible with commercial Ethernet, but in product design when the material selection, product strength, applicability and real-time, interoperability, reliability, immunity and nature Safety and other aspects to meet the needs of industrial sites.

China Industrial Ethernet switch is in the product life cycle growth period, is widely used in transportation, electricity, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, water treatment and other industries.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s industry research, since 2005, China’s industrial Ethernet switch market demand has increased significantly. Industrial Ethernet technology development, downstream traffic, electricity and other users of the large demand, low-end market products continue to enrich the supply, and network management is more widely used to promote the development of the direct cause of the market.

The development of industrial Ethernet technology. From a global perspective, in recent years, industrial Ethernet technology and application of rapid growth. The development of industrial Ethernet technology is bound to promote the development of Ethernet core equipment – industrial Ethernet switches.

Industrial environment than the general environment should be bad, at least in the vibration, moisture, temperature than the general environment is bad, the general switch in the design of the industrial environment does not resist the various circumstances of the ability of ordinary switches can not be long Time work in this harsh environment, often prone to failure, but also to increase maintenance costs, generally do not recommend the use of commercial switches in the industrial environment, in order to make the switch in this harsh environment, so to produce to adapt to this Environment switch, the reliability of industrial switches have power failure, port interrupt, can be relay output alarm, redundant dual DC power input, active circuit protection, overvoltage, undervoltage automatic circuit protection.

With the continuous progress of industrial automation and industrial Ethernet technology applications continue to promote the future of China Industrial Ethernet switches will have greater development. With the development of wireless networks, Bluetooth and other network technology, industrial Ethernet switches will continue to move forward. From a technical point of view, real-time communication, stability, security, etc. is the focus of industrial Ethernet switch products. From the product point of view, multi-functional is the direction of the development of industrial Ethernet switches. Managed Industrial Ethernet switches are more powerful than non-network management. From the market point of view, the future market competition will be more intense, there will be more manufacturers to enter the China Industrial Ethernet switch market, transportation and power industry development will be faster than other industries.