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How to choose industrial fiber switch

In recent years, there have been many brands of industrial switches, which are widely used in many fields, such as: intelligent transportation, rail transit, electric power, mining and other fields. Due to the need to consider many factors, such as the task situation, whether redundancy is required, network management and non-network management, future maintenance and scalability, etc. Therefore, when we choose an industrial switch, we need to comprehensively consider it according to our own situation.

1. Real-time: Network data transmission will generate a certain delay. Therefore, when selecting an industrial Ethernet switch, the port delay of the switch in the process of data frame forwarding should be considered;

2. Reliability: In the industrial field environment, reliability is very important; in the parameter description of the product, there should be a detailed description of the working temperature range, electromagnetic protection, and lightning protection level;

3. Compatibility: Industrial switches and other industrial Ethernet components should be able to communicate using the standard TCP/IP protocol. Under no circumstances should there be any incompatibilities between Industrial Ethernet equipment and commercial Ethernet equipment. Corresponding to different industrial field bus solutions, industrial Ethernet devices should have corresponding capabilities to be compatible with them.

In addition, when choosing an industrial switch, an appropriate twisted pair or fiber interface should also be selected according to some basic requirements such as transmission distance and transmission bandwidth.

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