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What are the obvious advantages of the ring network optical transceiver?

Compared with traditional analog technology, digital technology has obvious advantages in many aspects. Just as digital technology replaces analog technology in many fields, the digitization of ring network optical transceiver is also an inevitable trend. There are two main technical methods for digital video ring network optical transceiver: one is MPEGII image compression digital ring network optical transceiver, and the other is full digital uncompressed video ring network optical transceiver.

Image compression Digital ring network optical transceivers usually use MPEGII image compression technology, which can compress moving images into N×2Mbps data streams and transmit them through standard telecommunication communication interfaces or directly through optical fibers. Due to the use of image compression technology, the signal transmission bandwidth can be greatly reduced.

The all-digital uncompressed video ring network optical transceiver adopts all-digital uncompressed technology, so it can support any high-resolution motion and distortion-free transmission of static images; it overcomes the traditional analog FM, phase modulation and amplitude modulation when the ring network optical transceiver sends multiple signals at the same time. Severe cross-modulation interference, vulnerable to environmental interference, poor transmission quality, poor long-term work stability, and other shortcomings. And support the parallel transmission of audio bidirectional, data bidirectional, switch bidirectional, Ethernet, telephone and other signals, convenient on-site wiring, plug and play. Compared with the traditional analog ring network optical transceiver, the digital ring network optical transceiver has obvious advantages:

1) Long transmission distance: up to 80Km or even further (120Km);

2) Support video lossless regeneration relay, so multi-level transmission mode can be used;

3) Small environmental interference and high transmission quality;

4) The supported signal capacity can reach 16 channels or even more (32 channels, 64 channels, 128 channels).