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What is an Industrial Switch? This article takes you to understand industrial switches in 1 minute

Industrial Switches are also called Industrial Ethernet Switches, that is, Ethernet Switches used in the field of industrial control. Due to the network standards used, they have good openness, wide application and low price, and use the transparent and unified TCP/IP protocol. , Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control.

Industrial Switches feature carrier-grade performance features to withstand harsh operating environments. The product series is rich and the port configuration is flexible, which can meet the needs of various industrial fields. The product adopts a wide temperature design, the protection level is not lower than IP30, and supports standard and private ring network redundancy protocols.

1. Introduction to Industrial Switches
There is no essential difference between itself and commercial networks in terms of data link layer, network layer, protocol layer, etc., but for the real-time requirements of industrial control, industrial Ethernet solves the real-time communication, network security, intrinsic safety and safety explosion-proof requirements. Technology and other technical issues, and adopt some measures suitable for the industrial environment, such as waterproof, anti-vibration... The core is still no essential difference from commercial Ethernet, which is the same as the difference between PC and industrial computer.

2. Networking method
Industrial Ethernet switches are specially designed to meet the needs of flexible industrial applications and provide a cost-effective industrial Ethernet communication solution. And its networking mode is more focused on loop design. There are single-ring and multi-ring differences in the ring, and there are also private ring protocols designed by various manufacturers on the basis of STP and RSTP, such as RingOn, RingOpen open-loop, FRP ring, turbo ring and so on.

Industrial Switches are widely used. In terms of industrial applications, they are mainly used in: coal mine safety, rail transit, factory automation, water treatment systems, urban security, etc.