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What is LFP? and What is the role of LFP failover?

What is LFP?

LFP---Link Fault Pass Through, link failure transfer, refers to between two interconnected communication devices, when a link failure occurs in the A-end device, the link failure can be transmitted to the B-end (remote) device superior. For example, two fiber optic transceivers (A-end and B-end), when a link failure occurs on the electrical port of the A-end transceiver, the transceiver will transmit the failure of the electrical port to the optical interface, and the transceiver itself will stop the optical port. If the optical port of the B-side transceiver cannot receive the data of the A-side transceiver, it is judged that the A-side transceiver has a link failure, and the B-side transceiver stops the data transmission of the optical port and the electrical port.


What is the role of LFP failover?

We must solve a problem in actual network engineering, that is, the on-off state of the optical cable line must be reflected in the Ethernet port of the optical fiber transceiver. Only in this way can we provide an accurate basis for the line switching of network devices (switches or routers). .

The method is to adjust the DIP switch of the optical transceiver to realize the failover function.