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The principle of VGA optical transceiver technology.

The VGA optical transceiver adopts the pure digital transmission mode, which can fundamentally overcome the phenomenon of tailing and ghosting caused by the common copper core cable transmission system when transmitting high-frequency signals, and reproduce the image clearly. The VGA optical transceiver transmits optical signals without electromagnetic radiation, and the system has extremely high confidentiality. At the same time, the VGA optical transceiver completely isolates the display device and the signal source electrically, and has extremely high anti-interference ability.

The VGA digital optical transceiver transmits the output content of the user's computer graphics card through digital channels for long-distance and real-time transmission for specific monitoring and display occasions mainly using computers (such as conference centers, demonstration halls, checkpoints, cashier stations, military exercise monitoring stations, etc.). To the remote terminal equipment (computer monitor, TV wall, projector, etc.) display output requirements, so as to realize the high-resolution, delay-free, long-distance optical fiber communication conversion application of computer VGA interface signal, which can reach one machine (computer) Operation, multi-terminal (display terminal) display effect; VGA optical transceiver can also expand to support ultra-long-distance (several kilometers) mouse and keyboard real-time monitoring and control functions, both ultra-long-range "one machine to see more" and "one machine to control" solution.

VGA digital optical transceiver transmits high-definition computer video up to 80 kilometers through standard single-core single-mode fiber, which greatly saves fiber resources. The transmitter's pass-through loop is used for local computer monitoring. The receiver has one output port. Transmitter and receiver LED indicators show the status of power, video and optical signals.