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Do you understand the knowledge of Explosion-proof Fiber Media Converter

Explosion-proof Fiber Media Converter is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that exchanges short-distance twisted-pair electrical signals and long-distance optical signals. It is also called a photoelectric converter in many places.

Products are generally used in actual network environments where Ethernet cables cannot be covered and optical fibers must be used to extend the transmission distance, and are usually positioned at the access layer of broadband metropolitan area networks; such as: high-definition video image transmission for monitoring security engineering; at the same time Helping connect the last mile of fiber to the metro and beyond has also played a huge role. Explosion-proof Fiber Media Converter has both electrical ports and optical ports, which are often used to connect optical port switches and electrical port switches, so as to realize the photoelectric conversion between the two devices.

Therefore, the function of Explosion-proof Fiber Media Converter is mainly to perform photoelectric conversion, and it is a bridge between two devices that cannot communicate directly. However, the function of Explosion-proof Fiber Media Converter is far more than that. A good Explosion-proof The Fiber Media Converter should be "invisible", similar to a cable connecting two devices. When Explosion-proof Fiber Media Converters are used in pairs, the cables used include at least two optical cables and two cables. It is the complexity of this wiring that gave birth to Explosion-proof Fiber Media Converter Link Failover (LFP) And remote failure (FEF) alarm function.

Explosion-proof Fiber Media Converter