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How to correctly install the rail type industrial switch?

There are various classifications of industrial switches, which can be divided into manageable industrial switches and unmanaged switches. According to the installation method, they can be divided into rail-mounted industrial switches and rack-mounted industrial switches. So, how are rail-mounted industrial switches installed?

DIN-rail industrial switch is also an Ethernet switch device used in the field of industrial control. It only adopts the form of DIN rail installation, and the rear side of the switch can be directly clamped on the guide rail. Din-rail industrial switches are easy to install, no need to fix with screws, and easy to maintain.

Industrial Ethernet switches are generally installed in cabinets, and the size of the cabinets is limited, so users will choose to use DIN-rail industrial switches. Using this type of switch to install can save the capacity of the cabinet, so that the wiring in the cabinet will be clearer.

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