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Features of Layer 2 Industrial Switches!

The development of Layer 2 switching technology is relatively mature. Layer 2 industrial switches are data link layer devices, which can identify the MAC address information in the data packet, forward according to the MAC address, and record these MAC addresses and corresponding ports in their own internal in one of the address tables. So, what are the characteristics of Layer 2 industrial switches?

The specific workflow is as follows:

1) When an industrial switch receives a data packet from a certain port, it first reads the source MAC address in the packet header, so that it knows which port the machine with the source MAC address is connected to;

2) Then read the destination MAC address in the packet header, and look up the corresponding port in the address table;

3) If there is a port corresponding to the destination MAC address in the table, copy the data packet directly to this port;

4) If the corresponding port cannot be found in the table, broadcast the data packet to all ports. When the destination machine responds to the source machine, the industrial switch can record which port the destination MAC address corresponds to. It is no longer necessary to broadcast to all ports. This process is continuously cycled, and the MAC address information of the entire network can be learned. This is how a Layer 2 switch establishes and maintains its own address table.

The reason why the Layer 2 switch is so efficient is that on the one hand, its hardware realizes high-speed forwarding, and on the other hand, because the Layer 2 switch only reads the encapsulated data packets and does not modify the data packets (routers will modified, modify its destination and source MAC addresses).