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16 Slots 2U 19" Managed Rack Mount Chassis JHA-ME16 Series

    • Network management based on graphical interface (GUI), the software is easy to operate and has a friendly interface, and users of different levels can be set
    • Using centralized management mode, combined with tree-shaped directory, can manage multiple rack devices at the same time in one software interface
    • Introduce group management mode, even if many devices are managed at the same time, any device can be easily operated
    • Provide a master-slave management module, which can cascade 3 sub-racks to manage 128 channels of optoelectronic interfaces. The failure of the management module will not affect the normal operation of other modules.
    • Support graphical and command management based on SNMP, Web, Telnet and Console
    • Console management interface: Users can use Windows HyperTerminal to perform network configuration and set user permissions through the rack serial port
    • Web management: remote access, network configuration and setting permissions through a web browser, can display/control the working status of the remote transceiver
    • SNMP protocol: provides MIB library, integrates SNMP network management software, can set up to 4 TRAP addresses, and select TRAP trigger conditions according to user needs
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    Description of Goods


    16-slot AC 220V, Dual Power Managed Rack Mount Chassis


    16-slot DC 48V, Dual Power Managed Rack Mount Chassis


    16-slot DC48V/AC220V, Dual Power Managed Rack Mount Chassis


Fiber Media Converter

2U 19’’ Rack Mount Chassis

  • Introduction

    JHA-ME16 is specially designed for accommodating chassis-based Media Converters. It is a standard 19-inch 2U height rack-mount chassis which can be suitably mounted in the standard 19-inch rack. The chassis lets you install multiple media converters in an equipment rack together with the network devices for which they provide media conversion. This provides for space saving, and the cabling will look meat. The chassis comes with its own universal AC to DC power supply. For maximum power availability, an optional redundant power supply is available for installation in the chassis.
    Fiber optical media converter is the Ethernet transmission media conversion unit which interconverts the electric signals on twisted pair cable of short distance and optical signals of long distance. It is also called fiber to Ethernet converter. Fiber optical media converter generally uses at internet environment where Ethernet cable could not cover and have to use fiber optical cable to extend the transmission distance. Also it is located in internet access solution of MAN broadband.
    Fiber optical media converter breaks the 100m distance limits of Ethernet electric cable, makes the internet coverage extending to 120KM effectively, bases on high performance dedicated chipset and cache of large capacity to provide non-blocking transmitting performances. In addition, it also provides the function of balancing flow, isolating the conflicts and dedicating errors to ensure the security and stability of data transmission.



    • Network management system supports automatic discovery and addition of network devices
    • It can display and configure system information such as rack name, regional information, IP address related information and software and hardware version numbers
    • Can query detailed working status of power supply, transceiver and repeater, display chassis temperature information, and report faults in real time
    • Support SFP/XFP, CWDM SFP/XFP, DWDM SFP/XFP and display SFP/XFP information and digital diagnosis function
    • Support remote power failure detection, and can detect the connection status of the sending fiber through the remote error information sent by the peer
    • Supports the function of failover (LFP), which can quickly locate the faulty link and provide convenience for maintenance personnel
    • Support remote restart, set system restart or single module restart through network management software
    • The transceiver board can be restored to the factory default configuration or DIP switch configuration, and the configuration information is automatically saved after power failure

    • Can query and configure the working mode of local and remote device ports, including connection status, connection rate, port shutdown, LFP, etc.
    • Support Loopback, PRBS packet transmitter for link performance diagnosis and evaluation
    • Support in-band network management, which can easily manage remote devices
    • Have powerful historical street alarm information and log information query and management functions
    • Support FTP (file transfer) protocol, which can easily realize online software upgrade
    • Support the management of boards of different business types on the same platform, the original platform can be upgraded through FTP and compatible with new business boards




    16 network management card slot +1 network management board slot


    Redundant fan for cooling

    Hot Swappable

    Yes for power module, management module and business module


    30,000 hours

    Protocol Standard

    IEE802.3: CSMA/CD, IEE802.3i: 10Base-T, IEE802.3i: 100Base-T


    Electromagnetic Interference Test


    IEC61000-4-2(ESD)  ±8kV(contact) ±15(air)

    IEC61000-4-3(RS) 10V/m(80MHz~2GHz)

    IEC61000-4-4(EFT) Power Port: 4kV, Data Port: ±2kV

    IEC61000-4-5(Surge) Power Port: ±2kV/DM, ±4kV/CM, Data Port: ±2kV

    IEC61000-4-6(CS) 3V(10kHz~150kHz), 10V(150kHz~80MHz)

    IEC61000-4-16 (Common Mode Conduction) 30V (Cont), 300V (1S)

    Power Supply

    Input Power:AC/DC 85V~265V

    Maximum power consumption: 55W

    Working Environment

    Working Temperature: -20 ~ 70 ℃

    Operating Humidity: 5% to 90%

    Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 70 ℃

    Storage Humidity: 5% to 90% non-condensing


    2U Rack Mount


    Chassis: 425 * 290 * 90mm

    Module Card: 89* 81 * 22mm

  • Model No.

    Description of Goods


    16-slot AC 220V, Dual Power Managed Rack Mount Chassis


    16-slot DC 48V, Dual Power Managed Rack Mount Chassis


    16-slot DC48V/AC220V, Dual Power Managed Rack Mount Chassis



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