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16 1000Base-FX and 16 10/100Base-T(X) 1U Rack Mount Gigabit Fiber Ethernet Switch JHA-R1616E

    • Support 16 1000Base-FX and 16 10/100Base-T(X)
    • 16 10/100/1000M adaptive Ethernet ports and corresponding 16 100/1000M SFP optical ports;
    • The electrical port supports half/full duplex mode automatic adaptation, straight line/cross line connection;
    • The optical port supports 100M and 1000M full-duplex mode;
    • The optical port supports 100M and 1000M conversion;

    Model No.

    Description of Goods


    16*1000Base-X SFP Slot + 16*10/100/1000Base-T(X) RJ45 Port


Fiber Media Converter

2U 19’’ Rack Mount Chassis

  • Introduction

    The 16-group cluster rack-mounted optical transceiver is an innovative combination of optical transceivers. This machine relies on the traditional 19-inch rack switch to integrate 16 optical transceivers. It has the structure of a switch and the functions of a transceiver. The independent transmission function realizes the centralized combination and centralized power supply, and solves the problems that the traditional slot-type transceiver rack is cumbersome and takes up space and is difficult to manage. 
    The cluster rack-mounted fiber optic transceiver is equipped with 16 100/1000M adjustable SFP optical ports and corresponding 16 10/100/1000M adaptive Ethernet ports, which can be used in 16-port 100M transceivers and 16-port gigabit transceivers according to actual needs. Free adjustment between mega transceivers. All ports support non-blocking, full line-speed forwarding, with strong data processing and storage and forwarding capabilities, which can effectively avoid network congestion and ensure normal network operation. 
    16 groups of cluster rack-mounted fiber optic transceivers are equipped with multi-function DIP switches, which can realize multi-functional management of fiber optic transceivers. Including the optical transceiver LFP link failover function, the direct store and forward function, the flow control function, and the optical port 100M Gigabit conversion function.



    Support pass-through and store-and-forward switching modes;

    Support LFP link failover;

    Support flow control, can prevent broadcast storm;

    Adopt full-duplex flow control control;

    Dynamic LED indicator, showing the working status of the equipment and providing simple troubleshooting;

    High-performance built-in power supply centralized power supply;

    19-inch rack-mounted steel shell design;



    Fixed Ports

    16 10/100/1000M Ethernet ports+ 16 100/1000M SFP ports

    Network cable Type

    10Base-T: Category 3/4/5 unshielded twisted pair, supporting a maximum transmission distance of 100m

    100Base-TX: Category 5 unshielded twisted pair, supporting a maximum transmission distance of 100m

    1000Base-T: Category 5e unshielded twisted pair, supporting a maximum transmission distance of 100m

    Fiber Type

    50/125μm multimode fiber, transmission distance 550m

    9/125μm single-mode fiber, transmission distance 2-100km

    LED Indicator

    Power (Power), optical port status 1-16, electrical port status 1-16

    Exchange Capacity


    MAC Address Table


    Transfer Rate

    10Mbps: 14880pps, 100Mbps: 148800pps, 1000Mbps: 1488000pps

    Input Voltage

       100V~240VAC, 50/60Hz

    Working Voltage  


    Power Consumption


    Storage Temperature

    -40 ~ +70℃;

    Storage Humidity

    5% ~ 90%;


    440mm x 230mm x44mm




    A gigabit fiber Ethernet switch is a high-speed networking device designed to provide fast and reliable connectivity to multiple devices on a local area network (LAN). It allows for the extension of network transmission distances using fiber optic cables, providing robust and secure data transmission in various applications, including data centers, industrial automation, and high-bandwidth multimedia streaming.

    A gigabit fiber Ethernet switch supports a mix of 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports as well as fiber optic ports, which can be configured as SFP (small form-factor pluggable) or fixed fiber ports. It enables the aggregation and distribution of network traffic based on VLAN, QoS, and other advanced features, ensuring optimal performance for different applications.

    Gigabit fiber Ethernet switches are available in various configurations, including managed, unmanaged, and smart switches. Managed switches offer advanced features such as remote management, port mirroring, and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) support, allowing network administrators to monitor and control network traffic more effectively. Unmanaged switches are plug-and-play devices that do not require any configuration, making them ideal for small networks and non-technical users. Smart switches provide some basic management features but are less complex and more affordable than managed switches, making them suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

    Gigabit fiber Ethernet switches also offer robust security features, such as IEEE 802.1X authentication, MAC address filtering, and Access Control List (ACL), protecting the network from unauthorized access and ensuring data privacy.

    Overall, a gigabit fiber Ethernet switch provides a powerful and scalable solution for high-speed data transmission over fiber optic cables, enabling fast and reliable connectivity for modern networks.


    Model No.

    Description of Goods


    16*1000Base-X SFP Slot + 16*10/100/1000Base-T(X) RJ45 Port



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