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10G Multimode 220m FP-LD,1310nm | Dual Fiber SFP+ Transceiver JHA3902D

    • Supports 9.95 to 11.3Gb/s bit rates
    • Hot-Pluggable
    • Duplex LC connector
    • 1310nm FP transmitter, PIN photo-detector
    • SMF links up to 220m
    • 2-wire interface for management specifications compliant with SFF 8472 digital diagnostic monitoring interface
    • Power Supply :+3.3V
    • Power consumption<1W
    • Temperature Range: 0~ 70°C
    • RoHS compliant


SFP Module

10G SFP+

10G Dual Fiber

  • Dual Fiber SFP+ Transceiver is a high-speed optical transceiver module that is designed to support multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic cables. It is mainly used in data centers, storage area networks, and high-performance computing applications. The JHA Dual Fiber SFP+ Transceiver is an advanced and reliable solution for these applications, providing a high-speed data transfer rate of up to 10Gbps over a distance of up to 80 km.

    The JHA Dual Fiber SFP+ Transceiver supports both 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths, making it compatible with a wide range of fiber optic cables. It also features a compact and hot-swappable design, which allows it to be easily installed and replaced without interrupting the network connection. Additionally, this transceiver module is fully compliant with industry standards, ensuring that it can be used with a variety of equipment from different manufacturers.

    Overall, the JHA Dual Fiber SFP+ Transceiver is an excellent choice for high-speed, long-distance data transfer applications. Its advanced features and reliable performance make it an ideal solution for data centers, storage area networks, and other demanding computing environments.

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