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PCIe v3.0 x8 40 Gigabit Dual port Server Ethernet Adapter JHA-Q40WC201

    • Support for jumbo frame up to 9.5KB
    • Flow control support
    • Priority Flow Control (draft IEEE 802.1Qbb)
    • Enhanced Transmission Selection (draft IEEE802.1az)
    • Statistics management and RMON
    • 802.1q VLAN support
    • DCB/DCB-X support
    • Message Signal interrupts (MSI-X)
    • Storage – Enabling competitive performance with native OS intelligent offload solutions, including NAS, iSCSI and FcoE


Fiber Ethernet Server Adapter


  • Host Interface

    ♦ PCI Express X8 lanes

    ♦ Support PCI Express Base Specification 3.0 (8GT/sec)



    JHA-Q40WC201 is a 40G fiber network card dedicated to server , it has two 40G QSFP+ interface, can support 40Gbps transmission bandwidth, and support PCI-E X8 standard slot, ensure the network card efficient and stable work.In addition, the network card also supports VLAN, QOS strategy, flow control and other functions, suitable for medium and large LAN applications.


    LAN and Virtualization Features

    ♦ Network Virtualization offloads for VXLAN and NVGRE

    ♦ Unified Networking Providing a single wire for LAN and storage: NAS (SMB, NFS) and SAN (iSCSI,FCoE)

    ♦ Virtual Bridging Support – VEPA/802.1Qbg, BPE/802.1Qbh

    ♦ Physical Functions – Up to 8 per port, up to 16 per device

    ♦ Support for 128 Virtual Device Queues (VMDq) per port

    ♦ Hardware Queue Pairs – Up to 1.5K (non-RDMA); up to 256K (RDMA)

    ♦ Virtualization – Alleviating hypervisor I/O bottlenecks by providing flow separation for Virtual Machines (VMs)


    TCP/IP/L2 Features

    ♦ Receive Side Scaling (RSS)

    ♦ Large Send Offload (LSO)

    ♦ TCP/UDP/IP/SCTP Checksum Offload

    ♦ IPV4, IPV6

    Seamless integration with existing network infrastructure is a hallmark of our Port Server Ethernet Adapter. It supports standard Ethernet protocols, such as TCP/IP, UDP, and DHCP, facilitating easy integration into local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs). Additionally, it offers secure communication through features like SSH, SSL, and IPsec, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data transmissions.

    Our Port Server Ethernet Adapter boasts high-speed operation, enabling fast and efficient data transfer between serial devices and Ethernet networks. It offers low latency and minimal data loss, ensuring reliable and real-time communication. Moreover, it supports advanced features like remote power cycling and device monitoring, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

    Ease of deployment and management is a key focus of our Port Server Ethernet Adapter. It provides user-friendly configuration interfaces, allowing for easy setup and customization. Additionally, it offers centralized management options, enabling network administrators to efficiently monitor and control multiple Port Server Ethernet Adapters from a single console.

    In conclusion, our Port Server Ethernet Adapter is a versatile solution for integrating serial devices into Ethernet networks. Its advanced features, flexibility, and ease of use make it an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to modernize their legacy equipment and leverage the benefits of IP-based networks. Experience seamless connectivity, enhanced control, and improved efficiency with our Port Server Ethernet Adapter. Trust in our solution to bridge the gap between serial devices and Ethernet networks and unlock new possibilities for your network infrastructure.


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