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40G&100G Muxponder: 4*SFP28↔QSFP28

    • 40G&100G Muxponder: 4*SFP28↔QSFP28


OTN/WDM Optical Transmission Network System

  • 40G&100G muxponder service card launched by Shenzhen JHA Technology Co. ,Ltd.Communications Co., Ltd. supports 4x10G↔40G or 4x25G↔100G electrical layer multiplexing/demultiplexing, and transform the multiplexed/demultiplexed optical signals into WDM standard wavelength optical signals. It can facilitate the wavelength division multiplexing of the optical signals of different wavelengths by mux unit, and simultaneously implementing the inverse process of the above process. It’s suitable for 10G~25G forward multiplexing or 40G/100G inverse multiplexing wavelength division short-distance transmission solution.

    Product diagram

    Functional structure

    Product specification

    Function Note
    Application 4x10G↔40G & 4x25G↔100G 40G↔ 4x10G & 100G↔4x25G
    interface l Client-side interface: 4 SFP28l hot-pluggable, compatible with SFP+l WDM-side interface: 1 QSFP28 hot-pluggable, compatible with QSFP+ l Client-side interface: 1 QSFP28 hot-pluggable, compatible with QSFP+l WDM-side interface: 4 SFP28 hot-pluggable, compatible with SFP+
    Basic function Supports 4*10G & 4*25G service optical signals to be multiplexed into one 40&100G rate WDM standard wavelength optical signal Supports one 40&100G service optical signal demultiplexed into 4*10G & 4*25G rate WDM standard wavelength optical signals
    Support service type l 10GE, 25GEl 8G/10G/16G FC (compatible 32G )l STM-64, OTU2, CPRI/eCPRI l 40GE, 100GEl OTU3, OTU4
    WDM technology Support DWDM: C band 100GHz 40 waves Support CWDM: 18 wavesSupport DWDM: C band 50GHz 80 waves
    Occupied slot number Support JHA-OP3800 series chassis, occupy 1 slot,the size is 0.5U.
    Network management function l Support real time monitoring of the port working state, including: transmitting optical power and receiving optical power, temperature, etc.l Support port loopback and port shutdown
    Power consumption 20W (max, including transceiver)
    MTBF >100000 hours

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