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E1-4FE interface Converter JHA-CE1fF4p(Physical lsolation)

    • Based on self -copyright IC
    • Can realize 4Channel Ethernet data transmission by 1 E1 circuits
    • Inter-set dynamic Ethernet MAC address (4,096) with local data frame filtering function
    • 4Channel Ethernet rate is 1984Kbps, set up the first,second,third channel rate, the fourth channel Ethernet rate automatic allocation
    • The local device can forced the remote device rate follow it
    • Have the function of E1 interface loop back check, avoid the converter crashed because of interface loop return;
    • Can set the E1 line that not to send the LINK signal to Ethernet interface while E1 line is broken;
    • The Ethernet interface supports jumbo frames (2036 Bytes)
    • Ethernet interface supports10M/100M, half/full duplex auto-Negotiation and AUTO-MDIX (crossed line and straightly connected line self-adaptable )
    • Have Ethernet monitor self-reset function, the equipment will not dead
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PDH/Voice Multiplexer

Interface converters

Ethernet to E1 Converter

  • E1-4FE interface Converter JHA-CE1fF4p

          (Physical lsolation)


    This interface converter is based on FPGA. Can realize 4Channel Ethernet data transmission over 1E1 circuits,provide users with Ethernet access at the rate of 1984K. It is widely used in finance, securities and security departments which need to be provided two different networks, and both on a physical network can be completely separated. For example, the financial system business network, internal office network and business network can’t be linked together. This interface multiplexer can solve this problem.

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    Mini type

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    19inch 1U Type


    • Provide 2 clock types: E1 master clock and E1 line clock;
    • Have three Loop Back Mode: E1 interface Loop Back (ANA)、Ethernet interface Loop Back(DIG)、Command the remote Ethernet interface Loop Back(REM)
    • Provide 2 impedances: 75 Ohm unbalance and 120 Ohm balance;
    • Realize monitor of remote equipment temperature and voltage from local equipment;
    • Support SNMP Network Management;



    ♦ E1 Interface

    Interface Standard: comply with protocol G.703;
    Interface Rate: n*64Kbps±50ppm;
    Interface Code: HDB3;

    E1 Impedance: 75Ω (unbalance), 120Ω (balance);

    Jitter tolerance: In accord with protocol G.742 and G.823

    Allowed Attenuation:   0~6dBm


    ♦ Ethernet interface(10/100M)

    Interface rate: 10/100 Mbps, half/full duplex auto-negotiation

    Interface Standard:     Compatible with IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

    MAC Address Capability:  4096

    Connector:      RJ45, support Auto-MDIX


    ♦ Working environment

    Working temperature:   -10°C ~ 50°C

    Working Humidity:    5%~95 % (no condensation)

    Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C

    Storage Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)



    Model Model Number:JHA-CE1fF4p
    Functional Description 1channel framed E1 – 4FE Physical lsolation Converter
    Port Description One Fiber interface;4*FE Interface
    Power Power supply: AC180V ~ 260V;DC –48V;DC +24VPower consumption: ≤10W
    Dimension Product Size: Mini type 216X140X31mm (WXDXH),1.3KG/piece            19inch 1U type  483X138X44mm (WXDXH),2.0KG/piece


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