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48+4 10G Management Fiber Ethernet Switch JHA-SW4804MG-52VS

    • Performance is remarkable
    • 176G backplane bandwidth
    • Ø hardware routing, wire-speed layer 3 switching packet rate reached 131 MPPS
    • Ø core can be deployed in the metropolitan area network, and provides a few last 1 km technology
    • Ø/IEEE802.3 Ethernet packet size (64 bytes to 1522 bytes)
    • Ø giant packets up to 9216 bytes
    • Provides defense against DOS, distributed denial of service, spoofing, and viruses
    • Ø support IEEE802.1 x, provides user authentication based on port, mesh shield technology, safety control technology and strategy control list
    • Ø limit the number of port maximum connection between a host and the Ethernet interface for multiple binding, increase bandwidth and system redundancy
    • Ø powerful ACL, support L2 – L4 layer data filteringØ


Fiber Ethernet Switch

Managed Fiber Ethernet Switch

  • 48+4 10G Management Fiber Ethernet Switch 


    Product overview 

    JHA-SW4804MG-52VS is a BCM chip series standard switch.

    The modular design provides 48 10/100/1000 adaptive ports and 4 integrated terabyte optical ports, providing sufficient bandwidth for the data exchange between the aggregation and the core.

    Provide high capacity exchange capacity, perfect security control policy and CPU protect policy to improve fault tolerance, and ensure the stable operation of network and load balance of link.

    Meanwhile, it supports automatic DoS attack prevention and SNMP, IEEE 802.1, spanning tree, fast spanning tree protocol, link aggregation and other functions.


     Product features 

    Ø limit the number of port maximum connection between a host and the Ethernet interface for multiple binding, increase bandwidth and system redundancy

    Ø powerful ACL, support L2 – L4 layer data filteringØ   

     Policy control list, flow regulation

    8.Easy to use and maintain

    It can be managed by Web, SNMP and so on

    Ø support XModem protocol, can through the TFTP/ZMODEM software upgrades and the BootRom

    Ø support SFP +, as well as backward compatibility XFP, etc

    9.Strong traffic and broadcast management

    Automatic detection and suppression of broadcast storm, support IGMP message detection, effectively limit broadcast message flooding

    Ø supports full-duplex mode and half duplex mode of flow control

    Ø support Ethernet interface in 1 m as the rate limiting step length

    Product technical parameters

    product model 

    48+4  10G Switch

    Basic characteristics 

    Fixed port

    48 10/100/1000 adaptive ports and 4 teraflops

    The back of bandwidth


    Packet forwarding rate



    ARM® Cortex™-A9

    Flash memory capacity


    memory capacity 


    MAC address table


    The queue buffer


    Software specifications

    security feature

    ARP inspection


    DOS protection

    Port to protect

    IP source port protection


    Port based VLAN


    802.1Q VLAN

     address table

    Static MAC address table


    Dynamic MAC address table

    The storm control

    Radio inhibition


    Multicast inhibition

    DLF inhibition

    Inhibition rate

    traffic control

    Half duplex control based on back pressure


    Full duplex based on PAUSE frame

    port mirroring

    Support for port mirroring

    Port management

    General Settings


    The port statistical

    Configure port

    Port aggregation

     quality of service

    IEEE 802.1Qau congestion mechanism


    8 sending queue mappings for 802.1p for each port 8 priorities

    IP-based service

    Ping test


    DHCP detection

     spanning tree


     system management 





    remote upgrade

    Support version upgrade via web


    Support for local version upgrades

    external dimension 

    440mm × 205mm × 44mm

    Power supply features

    Ac 110-240v adaptive, 47-63hz, 1A/230V,



     indicator light

    Power indicator, system indicator, connect/send/receive indicator

    Ambient temperature/humidity

    0 to 50 ℃, – 40-70 ℃ preservation, 0-90%, no condensation

     Product quality assurance and certification

    quality guarantee

    3 Years


    European Community (CE) Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive:This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the protection requirements of European Emission Standard EN55022/EN60555-2 and the Generic European Immunity Standard EN50082-1.



    EN55022(1988)/CISPR-22(1985),class A EN60555-2(1995),class A


    IEC1000-4-2(1995),4K V CD, 8KV, AD


    IEC1000-4-4(1995),1KV – (power line), 0.5KV – (signal line)

    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) statement:This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class A computing device pursuant to Subpart J of part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference when operated in a commercial environment.

    ♦   Product transportation and storage

    ♦ U transport: the packaging of this product is suitable for the transportation of cars, ships, planes and trains. During the transportation, it should be protected from sun, drenching and civilized loading and unloading.

    ♦ Storage: the product should be placed in the packaging box when not used. The temperature and humidity of the storage environment should meet the requirements of the product. There should be no corrosive objects in the warehouse and no strong mechanical vibration, impact and magnetic field action.

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