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16+10 Management Gigabit Fiber Switch JHA-S1016MG-26BC

    • Management Gigabit Fiber Switch is a second, fourth layer gigabit managed switch,


Fiber Ethernet Switch

Managed Fiber Ethernet Switch

  • 16+10 Management Gigabit Fiber Switch 


    ♦  Product overview:

     Management Gigabit Fiber Switch is a second, fourth layer gigabit managed switch, provides 10 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports and 16 1000M SFP optical ports. The hard ware supports wire-speed switching of the second layer. Users can set all kinds of functions of the switch through the Ethernet port in WEB. Built-in ARP and DOS defense system can effectively defense the ARP, DOS and various virus attack, moreover, It is also equipped with many powerful features: a comprehensive QoS, spanning tree, a storm suppression, Bandwidth Control, IGMP Snooping, ACL access control, DHCP snooping etc..Very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, campus network, and the metropolitan area network aggregation applications.

    ♦  Product features:

    1. ARP defense: the function of MAC address and port binding and MAC address security filtering can effectively defense the ARP attack; DHCP snooping can provide ARP protection for users to obtain the MAC dynamically.
    2. Qos: support for multiple QOS strategy. Based on the 802.1p priority setting, each port provides eight priority queues. IP-DSCP can be divided into different service levels according to the IP header , to achieve a comprehensive QOS. AUTO VOIP can set the port to the highest priority of the voice signal, improve the voice quality of network IP telephone greatly.
    3. Spanning Tree:Support the standard of  IEEE 802.1d and IEEE 802.1w (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) and IEEE 802.1s (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol).
    4. AUTO DOS: defense the the following DOS attack with seven different forms.

    (1) Land attack: the attacker sends forged TCP SYN packets of information flow with the same source IP address, IP destination address , the victim system tries to send a response information to itself, result in a system disturbance and will be paralyzed or restart.

    (2)Blat attack: the attacker sends forged packets with the same source port number and destination port number, the victim system tries to send a response information to itself, result in system crashes or restart.

    (3)Smurf attack: the attacker uses spoofed source address of attack target to operate ping process to a broadcast address. Then all the active hosts will response the the target, leading to network congestion or disruption.

    (4)Ping flood: flooding the target system by the ping broadcast storms, so that the system can not respond to legitimate correspondence.

    (5)SYN/SYN-ACK flooded: floods the hole target system by SYN or SYN / ACK packet.

    (6) Protect the invalid TCP attack: Prevent the flood of data caused by the invalid TCP packets.

    (7) Ping of Death attack: Sends out a very large ICMP request packets (“Ping”), its intention is to cause the target computer input buffer overflow, so that the computer is paralyzed.

    5. Storm suppression: can be set with the Broadcast, multicast, DLF traffic.

    6. ACL Access Control: used to control the exchange of the packet from the port, to ensure that the intranet site will not be access to users without authority, while indirectly defend ARP attack.

    7. IGMP Snooping: Support IGMP version 2 (RFC 2236): IGMP Snooping is used to establish the multicast groups to forward multicast packets to avoid wasting bandwidth when a multicast packet overflow network.

    8. Support for 802.1x authentication, and to provide users with access to authentication.

    9. Wire-speed filtering – Storage – forward mode, providing a true non-blocking switching structure.

    10. Support the function of port mirroring, port gathering, port speed limit.

    11. Support the port-based VLAN and IEEE802.1Q based on VLAN .

    ♦  Product specification:

    Product model

    16+10 Management Gigabit Fiber Switch

    Supported agreement

    IEEE802.3、IEEE 802.3ab、IEEE 802.3x、IEEE802.1q、IEEE802.1p、IEEE802.1z、IEEE802.1d、IEEE802.1s、IEEE802.1w、IEEE802.1ax、IEEE802.1ak

    the maximum fram length


    The number of ports

    16 1000M SFP optical ports, 10 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports

    Network Media

    1000Base-LX: the use of long wavelength laser (1310nm) across multiple mode and single mode optical fiber,the maximum distance of multi mode optical fiber is 550m, single mode is 10-24km.
    1000Base-SX:62.5 μ m multimode fiber, its transmission distance is 275m; 50 μ m multimode fiber,its maximum transmission distance is 550 meters.
    The 10Base-T:3 class or above UTP; (support maximum transmission distance 200m)
    The 100Base-TX:5 class (UTP; support the maximum transmission distance 100m)
    1000Base-T:CAT-5E UTP or 6 UTP (support maximum transmission distance 100m)

    VLAN address table


    MAC address table




    Backplane bandwidth


    Filtering and forwarding rate





    440x280x44mm(1U19 inch standard chassis)

    Use of the environment

    Storage Temperature:-20℃~70℃;Storage humidity5%~90%Non-condensing
    work Temperature: 0℃~40℃;work humidity10%~90%Non-condensing



    Power consumption

    Power consumption:Maximum 60W



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