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Italian Smart Surveillance Project

As intelligent technology has rapidly developed in recent years, the field of intelligent monitoring has also presented unprecedented development opportunities. As one of the leading enterprises in this field, we have always been committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and services. In this regard, we had once provided a PoE splitter with temperature sensing for an Italian enterprise, which had provided important support for their engineering project.

This Italian client needed a small quantity of PoE splitters with temperature sensing capabilities, specifically requiring the PCB board with a printed logo on it. The client was seeking just 100 units, which made it difficult to find a suitable product in the domestic market. After several inquiries, the client found us on Google and consulted us about the detailed specifications of the product, while also providing the design drawings. Our team discussed the scheme promptly after receiving the client's email, and confirmed all the details with the client.

During the production process, we paid special attention to quality control, our R&D department and engineers always held the service philosophy of “customer-centered”, listened to the feedback from customers, and made continuous improvements and adjustments. After a month of intense production, we finally successfully produced the first sample, which was handed over to the client for testing.

Unfortunately, the client found a small problem during testing after receiving the sample, and we immediately conducted research and improvement in our R&D department. After multiple rounds of testing and debugging, we produced the second sample, which eventually passed the client’s test and was highly recognized by the client.

With the confirmation of the test results of the second sample, we started to mass produce the entire production. Although the client's order was considerable and in the peak season, we were still able to complete the order on time and with the required quantity. Furthermore, each product was strictly inspected and tested before shipping to ensure that customers could receive high-quality product.

In this cooperation, we not only provided strong technical support, but also demonstrated our team's high flexibility and constant innovation ability. No matter how complex the client's requirements were, we always insisted on providing the best products and services, and always provided the most trusted support for customers. In the future, we will continue to optimize and improve our technology and services, and provide customers with better products and more thoughtful services.

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